My coaching clients are generally healthy, content, successful people who are ready to accelerate their personal growth and improve their love life and want the support of a Life Coach that specializes in these areas. Coaching can help you reach your goals because we recognize areas or situations in which we are not quite as powerful or free as we would like to be.

Whether in a relationship with our partner, family, co-workers, food, or personal health, to name a few—the disruptions to the flow of our lives, our “breakdowns,” are surrounded by a personal narrative. “Our story,” is a limiting picture of what we believe about ourselves, what we know about the world, and what we think is possible.

Together, we’ll take a good look and listen to what you already know of yourself. Without judgment, but with compassion and a fierce commitment, we’ll develop new ways of relating to yourself, your partner and the world around you. I coach people from all walks of life and relationship circumstances; women and men who realize their self-responsibility and want to create exactly the life and relationship they want.

This is not therapy, this is coaching, see Coaching vs. Therapy. As with any sport or skill, it takes a certain amount of time to get good at recognizing and transforming misalignment into a smooth productive life and relationship flow. In our process, you will become both the practitioner of your new behavior as well as the observer, constantly learning about yourself and re-evaluating your progress. It’s from this authentic foundation, that you will achieve what you set out to do and create step by step, the life you were meant to live. Together we will transform personal conflict and misalignment into collaboration, appreciation, and forward progress. Knowing who we truly are is the first step in creating the life we want to live. I believe each of us deserves nothing less.

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